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Community Council for Berkshire

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How we came to be


CCB was formed on the 25th September 1973 as the Berkshire Community Service Council. In 1977 the name was changed to the Berkshire Community Council and in 1982 the name was again changed to the Community Council for Berkshire. Today, whilst we stil retain that name we are known throughout the county as CCB.


Originally established to support the Berkshire Voluntary Sector, CCB provided the services of a Council for Voluntary Service across Berkshire until the re-organisation of the county in 1998. During that time CCB was instrumental in the establishment of the Berkshire Environmental Forum, the Berkshire Community Trust (now the Berkshire Community Foundation), a Charities Information Resource and Voluntary Sector Training Consortium and the formation of Councils for Voluntary Service for Wokingham, Maidenhead and Windsor, Bracknell and Newbury, amongst many other initiatives.


Berkshire was one of the few counties remaining in England without a Rural Community Council and in 1975 CCB was able to appoint its first Countryside Liaison Officer with a grant from the Development Commission. Work was broadened to include supporting voluntary groups in rural Berkshire and work on rural transport and village halls began. CCB’s work spanned both urban and rural communities and there was much focus on projects involving employment advice and health and social care.  


The needs of the disadvantaged have been tackled through our project work. We have worked with gypsy and traveller communities, migrant workers, the BME community, carers, young people, the elderly and the unemployed.


The environment in which we work is forever changing but we continue to focus our efforts on empowering and supporting rural communities whilst using our knowledge of local needs to influence the development of policy and service delivery.



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